Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Speed Dating (Harlequin Nascar) - Nancy Warren

I started reading this book earlier this morning.

Amazon book description -

Dylan Hargreave thinks I'm an actress paid to pose as his girlfriend at a North Carolina society wedding. How did this happen to me, of all people? Kendall Clarke, award-winning actuary, the veritable shining star of number crunchers who, just hours ago, learned her responsible fiancé (sorry, ex-fiancé) called off our wedding because he'd gotten one of my colleagues pregnant. What are the odds?
Don't tell me you've never heard of Dylan Hargreave. Celebrity NASCAR driver? People magazine's Sexiest Man of the Year? Those eyes. That smile…
Forget sensible! I've assessed the risk…and I'm taking it! I usually keep the brakes on, but as of now I'm taking a vacation. From me.

This book is currently FREE for the Kindle via Amazon here.

Update - Finished the book. It was quite enjoyable and I found myself laughing out loud more than once :)