Monday, February 20, 2012

The Chaser (Dark Storm) by Rob Heinze

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Title - The Chaser (Dark Storm)
Author - Rob Heinze (

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The Chaser is Book One of the Dark Storm trilogy set in a fantasy world of wonderful imagination and originality. A full-length novel, introducing new readers to the fantastic world created by Rob Heinze.


Tuctu has an ability known as displacement. It was a unique ability through which he can leave his physical body and track weather phenomenon. When he sees a storm far, far to the west, he becomes afraid. It is not like any weather phenomenon that he has ever seen. Soon after this vision, strange figures known as Kankers appear near his small cottage. The very next day, a merchant swaddled heavily in robes, appears at his home. This merchant, a powerful and wiry woman, has come to protect Tuctu from the Kankers, who are one-by-one collecting others with the displacement ability. 

Follow Tuctu as he flees and seeks safety, meeting wonderful and terrible people and creatures along the way. He knows that the Kankers and the vision of the Dark Storm are somehow related, but it may be too late before he finds out.

E-book currently available for $2.99 (Free for Prime members) at Amazon here.

Update: Due to me and not the book, I have decided to put this one aside for now. I will pick it up again later though and update this post when I do.


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