Monday, March 19, 2012

Somewhere Over the Freaking Rainbow by L.L. Muir

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Title - Somewhere Over the Freaking Rainbow
Author - L.L. Muir ( )

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Jamison is crushing on the new girl next door. Bad news—the neighbors are Somerleds--Amish-type cult-members killing off their own. Worse news—she’s next in line for sacrifice. Jamison will have to rise above the coward he thinks he is to get to the bottom of it all. 

Something is terribly wrong with Skye. She’s experiencing emotions like the mortal teenager she’s pretending to be. When she finally asks the right questions, she finds answers that will rock the Somerled world...

...and none of her options include Jamison, the boy who has stolen the heart she was never meant to have. 

E-book currently available for $6.99 (free for Prime members) at Amazon here.

Update: Finished reading on 3/21/2012 - This is an AMAZING read. I truly enjoyed it.


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