Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Underground by Ilana Katz Katz

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Title - The Underground
Author - Ilana Katz Katz (

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Imagine a world where women rule and men must cater to their every whim… or else.

The story is set in the backdrop of the futuristic dystopian America run by an iron-fisted Queen. Under the guise of ending sexual assaults against women, she requires unmarried twenty-six-year old men to be castrated. To further diminish men’s rights, women are the only ones who can legally propose marriage.

When the Queen’s rebellious daughter, Shayla, falls for a commoner, the Queen refuses to condone the marriage. Shayla’s lover, Nathaniel, is left with unsavory options. Everything changes once he is kidnapped into The Underground, a secret renegade organization on a mission to overthrow the extremist regime. They train Nathaniel to infiltrate high society. Once released, he is commanded to commit a violent act that could restore equality for men; an act that would kill any chances for a life with Shayla. Will he save his gender from another generation of abuse or follow his heart?

This is a story of strength, determination, oppression and passionate love.

E-book currently available for $2.99 (free loan for Prime members) at Amazon here.
Update: Finished reading on 6/8/2012


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