Saturday, December 1, 2012

The House of Roses by Holden Robinson

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Title - The House of Roses
Author - Holden Robinson (

Amazon description -
In The House of Roses, debut author, Holden Robinson, takes the reader on a journey to reclaim lost love. Love has been devalued. Pursuits of lesser importance have trumped love, and personal relationships. Novelist, Caitlin Goodrich, and AIDS Pediatrician, Colin Thomas, have ended their four-year love affair. As their days apart stretch into months, their regret grows proportionately to the size of Caitlin's abdomen. Colin has left more than a broken heart. In the early hours of single-motherhood, Caitlin learns she has been betrayed by the one woman who vowed to care for her. In New Hope, Pennsylvania, where the secrets began, and the lies are encased in the walls of the historic landmarks, the true will be revealed. Dr. Colin Thomas has led a life of orderly chaos. This well-made plan begins to unravel when he is asked a question that will change his life. He begins to see living and dying in a way he never has. The House of Roses is an incredible story of love, loss, betrayal and secrets, but more importantly, it speaks of the weight of guilt, the strength of family, and the incredible power of love.

E-book currently available for $7.99 at Amazon here.
Update: Finished reading on 12/4/2012


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