Friday, January 25, 2013

The Music Within by Fae Clifton

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Title - The Music Within
Author - Fae Clifton

Amazon description -
Two meetings: chance or fate? When recently engaged, singing scholarship student Rachel Clement accepted free tickets to the opera she never realised it would change her humdrum life forever. 
At interval she met her destiny: the tall stranger with the sea-blue eyes who looked deep into her soul and made her feel more alive, more sensuous than ever before. That night, as her control-freak fiancĂ© Ian went through the motions, she thought only of a man whose name she didn’t know and, through him, glimpsed the joy of fulfillment that she hadn’t known existed. But there were consequences: something quickened deep within her and despite her careful precautions, she became pregnant. 
Alone because of her decision to keep the baby, Rachel must make a life for them both. Her dream of opera stardom had receded long before the pregnancy anyway, as Ian belittled her talent and damaged her spirit almost beyond repair. Under Ian's influence, her voice has dwindled away along with her shattered confidence. 
Two years later, stranded when her car breaks down on a blazing hot Australian summer day, the stranger returns. He is Conor MacAllister, one of the richest men in Australia. But Rachel is not the same girl who looked into Conor’s eyes that night at the opera; she is now the single mother of a baby girl and is determined that no matter what, little Beth will always be her priority. Can she trust the rich, cultured and successful Conor not to relegate her child to second best? If she accepts him into her life, can she guarantee that Beth, already rejected by her biological father, will never be anyone’s ‘poor relation’? 
Conor and Rachel experience the heights of ecstasy together—but is it enough to build a lasting relationship? His skilful, passionate loving releases something more within her, as her long-dormant singing voice, stifled by fear and self-doubt before, quickens into life. Conor has unleashed the music within Rachel. But is ecstasy enough?

E-book currently available for $1.99 at Amazon here.
Update : Finished reading on 1/27/2012


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