Monday, April 1, 2013

The Silver Mist by Martin Treanor

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Title - The Silver Mist
Author - Martin Treanor (

Amazon description -
Her dying father calls her unique, doctors have diagnosed her ‘brain is wired wrong’, most say she's ‘plain simple’ yet, in herself, young Down’s syndrome woman, Eve Hayes, feels only that she’s different. Then, on 21st July, 1972 - Belfast's ‘Bloody Friday’ - Eve encounters the captivating Esther, who ferries Eve on a sequence of illuminating, metaphysical journeys. In order to make sense of the slaughter that surrounds her, Eve must first learn the truth of her perceived difference, and therein unravel the timeless purpose of the silver mist.

E-book currently available for $2.99 at Amazon here.
Update: Finished reading on 4/7/2012


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